Hideaki takizawa and kyoko fukada dating

25-Dec-2017 04:34

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Out of work dancer, Taira Kei (Kamenashi Kazuya) spends his time doing manual labor and is about to give up hope landing his next big break when he catches sight of high school teacher, Nishihara Yui (Fukada Kyoko) against the backdrop of the setting sun.Smitten, he doggedly wooes Yui, whom he considers his savior and his muse.Abandoned by his mother in childhood, a solitary man who grew up in the underworld learns to love someone for the first time in his life.Tomoya Nagase plays the lead for the first time in TBS's Sunday drama slot.Such attempts at realism and serious art, however, is dampened by abbreviated character development, not to mention the innate glitz and affectations of its lead actors.Clocking in at seven episodes, the tail end feels a bit rushed, with very little dialogue to communicate the conflict between the characters, but overall, the series seems to have benefited from cutting a lot of corners.

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Yui (Kyoko Fukada) in a single high-school teacher in her 30’s.

She’s been having an affair with a fellow teacher who is married with children and feels her life is going nowhere, she has no future.But perhaps more important than finding love, it's also about letting go of old dreams and finding the courage to pursue new ones.

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