Dating whiting and davis jewelry

22-Nov-2017 15:22

Beautiful, graceful lilies, perhaps Lilies of the Valley, are carved into the mirrored surface of this thick jet black hematite-like pendant, which has beveled edges and is coronet set into the raised shining silvertone openwork setting. The back of the pendant is silver mirror; you can check how pretty you are while wearing it!

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The non-mesh jewelry tends to be more tailored or perhaps less "feminine" in that the stones tend to be opaque art glass rather than rhinestone, colors tend to be darker, styles are more heavy looking and are usually larger.Mit der Escape-Taste kann das Fenster geschlossen werden.Whiting & Davis began in 1876 as Wade, Davis & Company in Plainville, Mass.Some have an Art Nouveau or Victorian revival feel to them, and the hinged cuff was used in a big way.

Whiting & Davis marks used during this period include stamps directly into the piece and oval metal hang tags.Charles Whiting made the first mesh bag for the new Whiting & Davis Company in 1892.