Dating foreign postcards

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Postmarks, Date Stamps and Stamps If the postmark has the location name in English, the date format is day-month-Gregorian year.If the postmark is in Japanese, the date format is Japanese year-month-day.'Picture Postcard Values' and 'Picture Postcard Annual' are the two most widely used reference books in the postcard collecting hobby.We also now stock the recently revised 'Postcard Collecting - A Beginners Guide'.Henry III provided uniforms for the messengers, and Edward I instituted posting houses where the messengers could change horses.The reign of Edward II saw the first postal marking; handwritten notations saying "Haste, post haste". Next - The Divided back - Restricted Posting Overseas (Posted next month) .

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At this time, private individuals had to make their own arrangements.Dennis card have survived but no cards of Stewart dated 1894 have been found.We buy and sell all types of old photos and picture postcards for most subjects and locations worldwide.The issue of commemorative postcards was a great event.

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People would line up in front of post offices and wait through the night to be among the first to get these cards.

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