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PKWARE solutions are designed with our customers’ needs in mind—not around infrastructure or assets.

Page’s work sings with a voice of independent character and maenad conjecture.She was the author of more than two dozen books, including ten volumes of poetry, a novel, short stories, eight books for children, and two memoirs based on her extended stays in Brazil and Mexico with her husband Arthur Irwin, who served in those countries as the Canadian Ambassador. A two-volume edition of Page’s collected poems, , supplemented by a series of texts in print and e-book format published by The Porcupine’s Quill. The finery on the wings of a passing insect is on par with the ball gown of a general's wife. Elegant calligraphy (though at times a challenge to decipher) with its graceful curves represents each letter of the alphabet.In addition to writing, Page painted, under the name P. Political dilemmas exist alongside intricate social melodrama. Page presents another voice, that of the dignified, contained, slightly mysterious grandparent.... Page purposely chose the original Portuguese spellings to complement the 19th-century illustrations.’ — Wendy Kitts, brings together works from her long career, and, as such, does an excellent job of underlining Page’s contribution to Canadian literature. Page requires propriety and stupidity and other forms of containment to break their moorings and be seen in surreal air.Business growth is accelerated by allowing data to be readily accessed by authorized users while eliminating the traditional trade-off between security and business requirements.

PKWARE is in the unique position to provide such a solution across all major computing platforms, serving both internal and external users of the data.

It is one of the highly consumed fruits in Pakistan.