Dating a schecter guitar

31-Jul-2017 04:58

Yeah the heavier wood would promote sustain that you would lose because of the lower tuning, while the lighter bodys of Jacksons will be have a higher sound makes it more optimal for thrash.

But thats just comparing it by certain generas, you can always play lead or rhythm on either guitar its just jacksons wouldn't be as good of a rhythm guitar compared to the trem is brass that can add sustain.

Our Diamond Series guitars and basses are only available with the existing and current specifications.

Diamond Series instruments are not available in customized versions, however, Schecter USA Custom Shop guitars may be ordered with custom options.

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Related News: Synyster Gates Custom-S Signature from Schecter Schecter made the Best Metal Guitar List!

all you jackson owners and schecter owners give me feedback here... They are both awesome guitars, the only thing you really need to think about is electronics, and which would suit your style best.

But you can always swap out the electronics for what you want. Get the it depends if you like the bright sound of alder (Jackson) or the dark sound of mahogany (Schecter) more. The only Schecter's I've liked were the Hellraisers (knows what a BAMF is From my experience play Schecters at guitar center, the necks are way too thick imo.

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For those of you who can't see, the pickups say "Duncan Designed" on them.

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