Avoid dating altogether

14-Jan-2018 02:47

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But, that's not to say that there isn't an equal trend happening among women.

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Having this style of attachment does not mean that a man is doomed when it comes to relationships, or that he is an insensitive, unloving human being.

I had so compromised myself for these relationships that once they ended, I was left with nothing.

Even worse, I went into many of those relationships without strong feelings or a desire to commit; they were largely a matter of convenience.

Much like the reasons they're leaving in droves, there are also reasons why women aren't opening up about ceasing their search for romantic partners.

The most obvious reason is that many women just don't want to hear the backlash they'd face if they announced it.So after a brief stint on Tinder – sorry to that one boy I almost dated but then bailed on – I called it quits. The answer is that I'm a happier, more confident, independent person when I'm single.